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    Considering leaving (actually taking a rest)

    Well, most of my trooper knows about me because im that guy that never fails.
    Since March of the past year LotB had become part of my daily life and since that moment i maybe took 3 or 5 days free of it in these 2 years of playing.
    Even with the School and now with a Job, sending badges to all my troopers wasn't a problem, even if i was short of time i managed to give the 50/50 everyday,i feel like this was the only thing that make me stay here for the last 3 months.

    Now im getting that feeling too, the same that others had about leaving. The game isn't the same of course and i missed some little things that doesn't matter that much (damn you Daedalus).
    I had considering leaving the last 2 days and thats why i didn't login to the game. The spare time feels really empty, like a big void because as i said, it was part of me since i started with it.

    Reasons may be the new way to get toons or the actual balance of those in the Pvp, also the Pvp balance itself that is very old and hasn't evolved as other features.
    The game feels kinda repetitive (surprise!, 2 years and i just got it these last days). I don't even care if the Beast is alvaliable again, and i don't have it.

    So what im doing now is taking some free time of the game until Night City arrives, since i really want to see how it is and if the wait has been worth it. I may stay for a little while if is good. I predict is just another Brave New World with unreachanle sets or something like that, but well...

    Anyways, i really want to say thanks to the team for making this game, in its time it was really fun.
    Also i want to say thanks to all my troopers that helped me to get a lot of things even when the Trooper Store wasn't alvaliable yet.
    Now if you are one of them, you are free to kick me out. I can't say for sure if i'll back so just remove me.

    Thanks for reading this, up the irons!
    __________________________ Beast Eddie (MAXED)
    _____________I left the game [Feel free to remove me as a trooper]

    ________________________Don't you think I'm a savior?
    ________________________Don't you think I could save you?
    ________________________Don't you think I could save your life?..._______...(repeat 666 times)

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    Happy to keep you on board and I hope you stick around after Night City launches! Enjoy the break!

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    What Fudjo said! Enjoy your free time brother!

    💥🌒 Final Frontier Eddie 🌘💥

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