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    Urgent fix is needed.

    A new all powerfull characters whos basic attack only steals buffs every ones in a while and not with every hit as intended.

    This was obversed multible times between 18:30 and 19:05 in Cyborg Dungeon Madness.
    Team consisted of Charlotte (Guardian + Redemption), Alex ed (Valor), Bezeel (Eternal), W Lilith (Guardian + Counter).

    It was obversed against every enemy in the dungeon.
    Current Champion: Killers Eddie

    Teams completed:
    Eternal team (sharded)
    Trooper team (sharded)
    Lilith team (sharded)
    God team (sharded)

    34/36 collected Eddies fully sharded.
    134 fully sharded characters!

    And more to come!

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    You have 134 fully sharded characters? Wow that must be nice! I like the collection part of the game. Not sure Iíve seen the issue youíre mentioning with Charlotte but I use her and some others in the Cyborg dungeon.

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