Please explain how he can take that much damage and not die? Health bar was showing less than half then after attack it spiked up to almost 3/4 full. Though I won the fight there have been many times where the AI would not die and could easily come back and win the match. Even with Increased Max HP, which is only supposed to increase the base hp by 100% of PoM which would be 15822 x2 = 31644 plus say full Global (12658) and Class Relics (15822) = 60124 plus Talismans HP bonues - Angel/Energy lets say 22668 because that is what I use. Giving us grand total of 82668 AT FULL health. I did not check the opponent relics but I am giving the benefit of doubt. Of course in the video he is obviously not at full health when I launched the attack and afterwards his HP spikes up? Thankfully he dies after receiving another 53414 damage.