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    Gauntlet Shroud RME issue

    Hi team,

    I would like to report following issue that I've encountered today during a Gountlet battle.

    Enemy team: Rainmaker, M Chopper, G CD, S Golden son

    My team: Clansman, W Undead Rescuer, W AoF, W Newborn

    After Rainmaker had casted his fury skill and all opponents had Shroud status for entire battle I've managed to get him down/killed.
    After Rainmaker was killed hitting all other opponents resulted in blocking damage instead of actually taking 5% from enemy's HP. The label BLOCKED was actually displayed after each hit.

    Was not able to finish battle due to this issue and got my entire team eventually dead.

    Also another interesting glitch was that although the Undead Rescuer did not had passive disabled at any point the Clansman and other mobs from my team managed to get killed before him. They did not had any special negative effects that could cause that.

    Will be very glad if you look into this issue.

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