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Warffen, I used DDE( angel/nightmare), prisone(primordial) and horus ( energy/power), that was my standard NC team. I tried to keep the enemy permastunned. You have DDE and prisoner, maybe you could try with a third mult hitter with nightmare or paralysis. Prisoners passive is important on my team.
I don’t have angel and primodials. Will get angle from gauntlet after tomorrow’s reset though, I’m exited.

I was lucky enough to pull prisoner and that is probably the only reason I was able to complete NC on madness lol. I figured stun lock is the only way to beat NC madness, so I used sentinel Shinobi for stuns due to lack of Horus. Took me about 10-15 minutes for each run though lol.

But the problem I have is with the challenges that require me to use basic abilities only or complete in 6 turns. I have been using hallowed Eddie for basic stuns but even with echo talisman on him I am unable to keep them stunned. And if I do manage to get lucky enough to stun them all, I don’t have enough dps to melt them before their passives kick in.

So yeah, I am just gonna wait till I get Horus lol.