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    Angel Of Pain with Eclipse?

    A few minutes ago I was doing a Gauntlet battle, when I stumbled upon the bug that is described in the title. I had to fight an Angel Of Pain equipped with Eclipse talismans... Even though the Angel Of Pain is a magus character with 2 blue slots and 1 green slot.

    Also, this is not the first time I observed that the AI gets unfair boosts. I had to face extended passive abilities, such as the sentinel Valkyre's passive which gives a disruption shield for 1 turn, except in my case that shield lasted 3 turns from the beginning of the battle, with my team playing first...

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    Mine last week was similar but at least the Sentinel Undead Allied Soldier was given his Shroud fairly by Rainmaker Eddie, still the game ended with me having to exit as the game was caught in a loop, Support informed me they would look into it.

    I imagine they have quite a collection of those their looking into!
    But your absolutely right I can't see how Angel of Pain could possibly get that in your instance....
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    I know the gauntlet can be unfair with opponents toons having talisman that shouldn't be able to apply. It just gets worse the higher the level. You know the luck is against you when you have 3 battles in a row against Hallowed/Sekhmet/Alchemist and another unrealistic opponent. Your luck is really against you when a battles freezes when you are on the verge of winning. The worst part is losing your teammates for the rest of that level.

    It seemed that the first few battles of a level are the hardest making you use all your best friends. Overall the rewards with the IC is worth it over the arena
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