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    As Gauntlet has progressed I have started letting go of more and more of my dupes as well. There are a few I've saved just because there are some arena combinations I always "wanted to try". A year ago they might have worked, but now they are old and gimmicky so it is purely nostalgia that has me holding on to most dupes at this point.

    I burned a lot of dupes during this event to get skill shards and new characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hold View Post
    If your roster is deep enough and you have quite a few relics you really don't need any dupes for Gauntlet. I find it rather challenging to only use one of each kind (and I don't want to shard dupes) per level - part of the fun. That said - it should be the rule for the enemy as well - one of a kind each level. Or at least the talisman setups should be fair.

    If you don't have a deep deep roster I'd keep him as well as he can be useful the grades where you are alowed to use dupes. Once you reach SS dupes don't matter so much and therefore it's better to broaden your roster.
    I didn’t have a deep roster or adequate relics until this event lol. I struggled a bit with gauntlet this season for that reason.

    I know that dupes are not allowed starting SS. But AAA has always been a challenge for me due to the lack of deep roster and that is where dupes helped me.

    However, thanks to the sac event I got a lot of new 4* characters. So next gauntlet season shouldn’t be as rough for me.
    I just have to focus on upgrading most of them to 5* and I won’t be needing dupes anymore. 👍 to this sac event.

    Thanks for all your input guys.


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