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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostlyVoid-7126 View Post
    I once won in the arena and this happened.
    Check this thread then:

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    Just had a good one although unfortunately didn't get a screen shot. Had a Newborn of Light doing the good old disappear-onto-the-floor-at-the-start-of-a-fury-move bug but it then actually affected the fury animation in a way I hadn't seen before. I was using Crusader Eddie and, after drawing the cross in the air, he went to stamp and shove his shield forwards towards the enemy as normal, but he still targeted the NboL who had gone through the floor - it basically looked like he was about to do a shield barge but slipped on a banana skin and faceplanted on the group. Actually made me laugh out.
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    When I pulled the gods during the summer, I was leveling them via troopers.

    I realized that I could make this go quicker by *only* having the one god as my character (so no second char, no eddie). It let me go in and used the troopers eddie each time.

    However, when it got to Troopers that had a character that was not an eddie, it still accepted it because of the open slot, so I did several eddie-less runs

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