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    Quote Originally Posted by Waffen View Post
    I won 324 arena matches this events and I would say only about 50 of them are lone eddies. So before you say anything I am not lazy. My defense is a lone Eddie and I am still ranked at 142, about 5 mins ago.

    Let’s talk about the time it takes to complete 200 arena matches against full team. For me it took about 7-10 minutes including the loading screen and everything. Probably because of lack of OP talisman and characters and of course relics. Anyways, that’s 200 * 6 minutes average = 20 hours!!! That’s almost 3 hours of arena everyday for 7 days.

    While me, you and a handful of players were able to find the time to do it not everyone can pull that off. The players (new players) that need the rewards the most certainly won’t be able to do it without the relics. And guess what, they have to do it to get the relics lol.

    And you are wondering why a lot of players are leaving? Don’t you think it’s obvious?

    Anyways, if you are not gonna put up a weak defense, no one is making you do it dude. Again, this is only for people who are willing to help others. I did what I could to help and just trying to find more people to help newer players in the community. Take it easy man.
    And that's just for this Event.
    Then you "need" to play all your troopers.., the daily rewards.., maybe play a bit night city?
    Didn't play a single one today.., just in the hope to get the 200 and ended up at 185 Wins 45 Minutes before it ends when i gave up..,

    My phone is fulltime charging and because of running this app all day long it just closes if it was too much for my phone..,
    And my phone gets hot as fuck, some days ago i started to lay it on a fan to cool it down while the game is eating the battery.., to brigt it bake to the charger. that's how i want to play this game the next 500 years. x'D
    In Arena Fights that's really awesome too.., if you need WINS.., hahaha it's so sad..,
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    I did 300+ this event & maybe with 70%+ of weak D (88% rate wins) so I think the system work but you have to sacrifice your rank (as I don't really care about the rewards ...)

    I still running a weak D this week (Coalgiver & 3 reindeers) even if the event is finish, only to give back
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