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    Quote Originally Posted by Olevipoeg View Post
    Look at Piece of Mind Eddie skills:
    Deals 5 hits of random damage to a single target.
    25% Chance to grant Trap status to allies for 2 turns.
    Trap Status removes beneficial effects, inflicts Perfect Corruption, and Stuns the opponent that removes this effect for 2 turns.
    Damage dealt increases based on your MAX HP.
    LV 2/4/6 DMG+ 15/25/25%
    LV 3/5 Effect Chance +25/25%
    AAaaahhhhh !!!! All right !!!! Piece Of Mind Eddie can do trap !!!!
    But I still don't understand what's happened, because the only move I made was by Gunner Lilith, and Horus and The Red Girl were already stunned at the beginning of my turn ...

    And I forgot to say that I lost the coin toss, and my energy is full because I used the Gunner Lilith power move that hits opponents while heals the whole team.
    So how this situation can be ????
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    That is not what is "Trap" in play, there are no buffs or debuffs of any kind being removed and with immunity characters are getting stunned, Lower DEF, Frozen, Sleep, or hit with any of the other Debuffs. Same with Invincibility and characters taken damage

    I've been having this happen to both myself and enemies all over the Gauntlet, Arena, Cosmos and Time Rift and have been reporting it, sending screenshots for MONTHS now and it has been ignored and seems to be getting worse

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