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Don't worry! X-mas events are only fun! Most people want to spend their time with their families and not with stupid, boring farming a hundred times the same dungeons. The X-mas toons are no gamechangers and so it does't matter if we don't get them. I never used the X-mas toons for fighting...only as low defence team on arena events.

Heavy X-mas to ya all and enjoy the holidays!
Great way to put it and I agree completely! Christmas toons - in general - are kind of silly nods to the season and not super-usable (Though I do drag out the elf on occasion - cleanse and attack up is pretty cool). But the problem is this game brings out the obsessive collector tendencies, so thanks for putting things in perspective.

And the new Krampus? Hitting like a fly swatter when fully sharded? Hope he never has to face the powerful meat-head...