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Baroness (Destiny, Immunity)
Iron Maiden Ed (Warlord, Angel, Cosmic(ATK+))
KP (Warlord, Sustaining, Tranquility)

All work for me all the time since I got IME.

But everything is full power - talismans, shards, etc. and I have a ton of relics as well.

I tried with primordials on IME and he just stayed stunned for most battles and eventually died.

I think some are doing it easily while others may be using the same teams and failing due to relics. I mean, if I can run it with ATK + 180% for everyone.. and you run the same toons with just the standard ATK, there's a world of difference there. Relics really mean there's no team anyone can provide that is failsafe unless you have the same number of relics in the same places.

I've always wondered, how do the top players get almost all the new characters during the event? Ferryman? Iron Maiden eddie? Bass Eddie? How do you do it? Over the past month I've saved up to 2k ironite. Does that play a part in getting new characters? I must know the secret