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Benjamin Breeg Eddie: Guard+Angel
Killer Prime: Warlord+Sustaining+Inspiration
Prisoner: Primordials

It's a pretty hard team to put together but this is what has gotten me through on autoplay without fail. Takes about 2ish minutes
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Thanks, got KP through the Sacrifice Blood Souls, and I can confirm: this has worked 4 times in a row so far. Prisoner keeps dying regularly but is resurrected by Benjamin.
It looks scary, but so far, autoplay has won every time without flaw, in 1:40 to 2:20 mins.
I will play around with the new Banshees though, see what they can bring to the table...
This team failed the first time i tried it. Came here to check... yep did it all correct. Went back and it cleared through no problem on second try. I will try again next time, but it is not 100%