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    Quote Originally Posted by Symbiote View Post
    Every Update = A new fucking Joke! xD
    +1 )
    I play all troopers all days.

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    For me this is just uncreative work what they do..,

    They have no ideas to make this game more enjoyable to play in your own time.,.

    So they decided to "force" their players to GRIND 24/7 for CHANCES!!! And this was it..,

    They could integrate so many new stuff as longtime goals.., for what are the missions? Ah yeah.., for nothing. xxxD

    And i'm so fucked up with this crap.., i'm still at <100 Arena Wins. xxxD Because the other crap Event needs so much time..,
    Arena sucks since months.., everytime the same shit.., they must be really bored with their job.., and that they aren't alone they do this to their players..,
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    I think you just need to manage your expectations. Even 200 wins in this arena challenge was a good outcome in terms of IC and blood frags. Just got me to the point of being able to get killer prime. 200 wins didnt take much time at all. A couple of evenings grinding and then regularly keeping an eye out for single eddie defences that could then get you a few rounds of revenges. Single eddie defence also helped keep the rank low to avoid the top teams up above 2500. Just got to strategise and be happy with whatever you can achieve man. The game doesnt have to be about getting everything every time. Set your own expectations and enjoy playing whatever you can and you will find yourself a lot less stressed.

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