For the life of me I cant get why these things are just so...bad.

Samurai Eddie Cyclone like never triggers and only grants it to himself. It should at least be 100% chance with full shard, we already have thorn shield for Vampire hunter??

Mystic eddie freeze move---u need 3 effects for a 1 turn single target freeze that does no dmg?

All of the undead rescuers, except red and green...they have pretty good basic moves but TERRIBLE power attacks. Raze is just insulting...LOL 7 energy for single target...Peril has a small chance to doom only one enemy...Haul is good for counterstrike but all the other buffs and debuffs are useless

The "Howl" move...why would u ever need 6 turns of life steal?? Move that power somewhere else. I dont understand

Radar...its so easy to silence people anyway, this move should do some damage or at least last for 2 turns

Crimson dog....why does Heed cost 7 power? Did they just want to weaken him on purpose? Theres no reason to ever use it

Green Lillith...7 power for single target and 1 turn regen? It was worth it back in the day we didnt have much revives but now the move is very embarrasing I think

Red flame rescuer passive. It should be just 4 burns every turn not "up to 4". Would be a good fun character if the passive wasnt terrible.

Red newborn of light...why am I gonna spend 4 shards so I can get 5 turns of perfect hit? lol

Green Chopper...why is he the only one with no passive?

Moves or passives in general that only effect self and 1 ally or 2 allies...they just rlly bug me, it makes sense that they dont want them too powerful, thays fine, but they feel so bad to use

The entirety of Storm Eddies kit. None of them do literally anything. Like no redeemable qualities whatsoever