Cosmic Talismans are a brand new type of Talisman that can be earn from Talisman Souls!

They have several unique features:
  • They can be equipped to ANY talisman slot (regardless of colour restriction)
  • Each Cosmic Talisman grants 1 full set effect
  • Their stats are randomly generated (they have no sub-type)
  • There is a limit of 1 Cosmic talisman per character

Cosmic Talismans are categorized by Tier, and Quality, which will determine their stat ranges!

Talisman Tiers
Cosmic Talisman Tiers indicate to you the overall power of your Cosmic Talisman! Currently there are 3 Tiers!

Tier 1 features the lowest base, scaling and bonus stat ranges.

Tier 3 current features the highest possible base, scaling and bonus stat ranges!

Talisman Quality
Each Cosmic Talisman also has a quality rating, which is a further indicator of the stat ranges within a given Tier.

This quality is indicated by a colour scheme:
  • Common Quality = White
  • Rare Quality = Blue
  • Epic Quality = Purple
  • Legendary Quality = Gold
  • Mythic Quality = Red

Upgrading and Evolving Cosmic Talisman
Cosmic Talismans can be powered up and evolved like normal Talismans, but cost a bit more. They will also sometimes feature unique Cosmic Evolution Materials which will earnable via Events every month.

Tap on your Cosmic Talismans in the Evolution screen to see their individual evolution recipes.