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    I got 0 rainbow in maybe 40 runs and 2 blue 3*. Though for some reason when I'm doing the secret levels I'm getting plenty of green 3* and now I have 37 green 3*. Does anybody want to trade for blue?

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    Well.... I think I found where the 3* rainbow runes are hiding. So if you need to get some talismans to lvl 5, try "Out of the Fire" - Madness. It's on the Battlefield, 3rd level. I've got about a dozen in the past day there.

    I still haven't found ANY 3* shards yet though so I still can't upgrade any toons to lvl 5.

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    I've had better luck in the later dungeon stages. 3* rainbow evolution shards are about a 10% drop rate on Level X. Lots of grinding, but the red dungeon is relatively easy even without the Magus Allied Solider(too buggy).
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