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    Your Ranking of the Four and Five Star Eddies

    Hey guys,
    So I got this idea while I was pondering how many of the four-star Eddies that have come out recently are more powerful than some older five-stars. I thought it might be fun to try and regroup based on how powerful I feel they are. Feel free to chime in with your own!

    Four Stars

    Carriage Rider: Although he got a recent buff, I'd say the four-star classification is still accurate. Useful abilities, decent healer but pretty fragile. I have one with max skills and talismans and he's still not really pulling his weight in the Gauntlet lately.

    Coalgiver: He's boring and not all that good. Seems outclassed even by some three-stars like Speed of Light or Storm.

    Cyborg: A strong character who hasn't kept pace with the newer ones. Stuff like stealing power and lowering accuracy seems a little wimpy for a five-star. The combination of true damage and attacks that scale with Special stat is a little unwieldy. Still pretty good damage.

    Eternity: He's good but I feel like he should be better. His effects on enemies don't seem to land very often. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

    Fear of the Dark: A solid four-star Eddie. HP seems a little on the low side for a sentinel. The basic attack that blinds is effective and the move that hits everyone with Perfect Corruption is clutch.

    Grim Reaper: I think this one really needs to be maxed before he lives up to his potential. Otherwise, he tends to disappoint. His healing move is kind of crap and being able to resurrect everyone with a Fury is hardly exclusive at this point.

    Killers: One of the few recent four-stars who doesn't feel like a five-star. Not having any AOE skills is a hindrance but he's still solid and his fury is insane. Very effective with Mark talismans.

    Mystic: I may just not be using him well. Very high HP for his class. His skills seem designed to interact with each other but you really need several turns to make that work. The Ascension move is really good and his fury makes him awesome when teamed with the Alchemist but otherwise I'm not terribly impressed by his damage.

    Pharaoh: How the mighty have fallen. Early on in the game's life, this guy was a beast. However, the ability to resurrect allies and give invincibility is no longer as rare as it was and there are newer characters who do it better. Still a dependable tank.

    Shaman: I've had this guy for a while and I still don't really get him. He's got a good fury, the lifesteal/spell vamp move is useful but I just haven't been able to make him all that tough. With the mix of physical and magical attacks he seems like a good candidate for Assassin talismans but his red/green/blue requirements make that tough.

    Tailgunner: I got him pretty early on and I used to make mincemeat out of enemies with him. He's no longer as powerful compared to newer Eddies. Doesn't have many options for dealing with troublesome effects on himself or enemies. Still love his fury though, it kicks major ass.

    Visions: Almost five-star quality. Great at stealing effects (I enjoy seeing him humiliate the Magus Lord of Light by stealing Ghost) and his fury is very useful as long as you have someone to cleanse him. Damage is on the low side but a good defensive character who benefits from having allies who hit harder.

    Five Stars

    Aces High: Another one who hasn't totally kept pace with new characters but does high enough damage that I would still consider him five-star quality. Nice combination of single-target attacks and AOE attacks. Strike talismans work great with him.

    Benjamin Breeg: Always blown away by how good this one is. Garden of Dismay X used to be really tough for me but now I can put it on Auto and watch him shred the enemies to ribbons. Lots of extra turns and seems to hit his fury constantly. One of the best Eddies imo.

    Crusader: I don't have him yet but he's one of my troopers. I would normally consider his attacks to be upper tier four star but his fury alone bumps him up imo. It's so much better than the invincibility given by Pharaoh Eddie and is a serious hassle to deal with. Even a character with valor talismans needs to hit three times before you can get past it.

    Beast: Beast is right. Lots of good silver effects to dish out and the Ninth Circle move is amazing. The way he uses Bloodlust is also pretty nuts. A little squishy sometimes but having allies who heal helps with that.

    Clansman: The buff master. With all of his extra turns, he makes your team into powerhouses if there's enough energy. I like to save up energy during Brave New World/Lord of Light runs and then see how long I can chain my turn before the boss gets a chance to hit back.

    Doomsday: Uh yeah. Four star my ass. This guy is absolutely sick. Even with no skill shards and just your basic three star talismans he's doing great damage. I gave him a set of Chance talismans and now he's a monster.

    Edward the Great: A borderline case. He was designed to be effective against sentinel characters but it doesn't always work as well as advertised. Still has a lot of useful abilities, extending effects on allies and assigning random buffs is really good. The Conquest move pwns individual warrior enemies. There was one time where I somehow one-shotted the dragon in Garden of Fear X with like 130k damage, something I didn't think was possible.

    Hallowed Eddie: I would not have gotten through Night City on Madness without Hallowed Eddie. Using his power moves and Fury, you can give yourself lots of turns and really debilitate the enemies. I gave him some energy talismans which helped him chain attacks even more. Not necessarily high damage but awesome at nerfing people.

    Final Frontier: I don't have this guy yet but just from using a trooper it's clear he's a five star. I have never seen a Sentinel Eddie do this kind of damage.

    Peace of Mind: He's crazy useful. Being able to give everyone Trap wreaks havoc on tough status-canceling enemies like Horus or Clairvoyant. His fury is the great equalizer.

    Phantom: He's awesome. One of the best when it comes to dealing with enemies loaded with effects - I don't know if I could have beaten Gates of Dawn on madness without him. Great fury, the sleep effects are super useful. If he had a proper healing move he might be OP.

    Samurai: I've been chasing this guy forever and I still don't have one of my own. I have had a trooper for a long time and I know how good he is. The Advantage ability plus extra turns means he can carve up lots of enemies fast. His fury hits super hard and if anyone survives it, they now have to deal with him having armor penetration. I hope one day the RNG gods take pity on me and let me have one.

    Seventh Son: Man, does he hit hard. All of his basic attacks are really tough and being able to give guaranteed Echo or Permadeath is a lifesaver in harder fights. The fury rarely leaves any survivors.

    Trooper: Love this guy. Great damage and very useful abilities. Throw some echo talismans on him and he's a terror. Can't count how many times I've used Onslaught to get Critical Strike and followed up with a devastating Spur. Also good at keeping allies alive with a good healing move, a basic attack that cleanses and being able to give everyone Endure.

    Vampire Hunter: He used to be better, but he's still good. Does nice damage, good healing, the fury combination of resurrection and critical strike is very potent. HP is on the low side.

    Viking: It takes a while to figure out how best to use this one but he's really very good. He was also the first five-star Eddie I got from a soul so he's been an invaluable part of my team ever since. It's all about the combination of MR Charge and Call to Arms. His damage goes way up and sometimes you can even do it all in one turn. Combine that with the freezing and Blizzard Shield and he's brutal. Also my tankiest Eddie - with his high HP and being able to heal himself every turn with Loot, he's beaten entire arena teams by himself. When the next Gauntlet season inevitably focuses on Sentinel characters, I know I can count on him for AA and AAA.


    Alexander: I don't know, dude. I'm probably never going to have this guy. I've played him via troopers and while he does seem to be good with the right talismans the super high requirements to get him will always make him seem disappointing.

    Bass: He's brand new and I don't have him. Based on my trooper experience, he seems a little underpowered for a five star but the consistent effect stealing is useful. Would need more time to decide.

    Iron: Don't have him, but he's one of my troopers. A great fury that turns enemies to mush but I haven't yet gotten a feel for his other attacks.

    Navigator: Don't have this guy either and haven't been able to find a trooper other than the Level 85 one everyone gets. Seems okay.

    Rainmaker: Another one I've never gotten but have used through troopers. Hits hard but doesn't seem very versatile. The addition of Shroud to his fury is nice. I'm not sure where I'd place him.

    I think that's everyone. What do you guys think?
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