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    Quote Originally Posted by osiris0000 View Post
    I have to disagree here Nekro. Can you imagine Visions Eddie mixed with corrupted ox souls? It can be a masterpiece!
    Shit, ur right. I drop my case and agree with this suggestion.
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    Just imagine seeing a defense that has Mummy Eddie and 3 pharaoh spirits and thinking "okay, this is just a joke defense" (I do the same thing but with Wickerman Eddie and 3 cultists) then the Eddie turns out to have the abilities of Frontier Eddie with Iron Eddie's fury, and the pharaoh spirits have the abilities of all the Powerslave gods!
    That would be some damn funny stuff

    Although I don't think this is what the OP had in mind. I got the impression he just meant fusing 2 characters of the same type -- like a red pharaoh spirit with a blue one, or a green banshee with a purple one, etc. This could still result in some overpowered stuff, but not to such an extreme. Fusing Eddies doesn't make much sense to me though, unless there were only specific Eddies that could be fused together, ones that already resemble each other or are from the same album. Like Pharaoh and Mummy; Wickerman and Carriage Rider; Iron and Bass, Alexander and Edward the Great. I have no idea how this would work out in terms of balance, but the fusion idea in general seems really cool to me as it would allow for more unique teams and let you use your imagination a little more rather than adhering to the current meta's "best" setups.
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