I beat it with a team, but usually in these events I can autoplay madness (at least 4 out of 5 wins).
But this one I cannot even get past the first wave on autoplay. Those assassin hellraisers hit hard and in combination with those sentinel derby demons are a lot to manage. Anyone able to autofarm on this level? If so, what is your configuration? I cannot even come near finding a gunner team on madness to pass the event challenge. Of course, my gunner Eddie collection sucks. I only have Cyborg, Aces High and Gunner.
Iíve tried all sorts of combination. I have a LOT of fully sharded characters, but I only fully sharded Eddies are Breeg, Shadow Wicker, Cyborg and Clan. I canít win with any of them (using in combinations with mostly derby demons, banshees, Gods and/or Krampus.