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    Quote Originally Posted by Zugzwang View Post
    FFE is also missing a cleanse skill in addition to no revive. If he had them he’d be near perfect.
    He can cleanse himself, but not his allies. I think that helps out a bit.

    EDIT: Rather than make a new post, I'm just gonna add to this one. I have Iron Maiden Eddie now, and quite honestly he's really damn good. I'm going to bump him up a few tiers. Aside from that, no other changes.

    EDIT 2: I've done some updating on the descriptions of the Eddies and changed two Eddies' tier entirely: Eternity Eddie now rests in the C-Tier, while Mystic Eddie has been bumped up to A tier. As of now, that should be about it for cleaning up the list; the next Eddie that's likely going to be added is Executioner Eddie from the Book of Souls tour art, so hopefully we all can enjoy him.
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