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    Post Farewell my troopers!

    Hello troopers!

    After about a year and a month of playing LotB I have finally decided to quit. There are many reasons but the most important one is that the game is just no longer fun for me. It became more a duty rather than fun. Other reasons include: the game being too time-consuming, server issues, bugs, new playable content being released very seldom, not much to do really after you complete the campaign - it becomes a repetitive grind.
    I am not moaning - it's just the way it is for me right now. LotB is actually a good game in its own right - there are many things that I liked about it - mainly the concept, art and music (of course!). Also the community here is great and I'll miss you guys...

    So, this is the end of the road for me. I'm moving on. I'm going to get back to real gaming - I feel the urge to replay some classics like the KotOR series and start some new like the Witcher series.

    I'll uninstall the game from my phone soon and will not send badges anymore so feel free to drop me from your trooper list. And thanks for all the badges you've been providing during that time! You guys are one of the reasons this was not an easy decision to make.

    Maybe I will get back one day if Isle of Avalon is released. Until that, I will remain inactive.

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    Sad to see you go. But I guess the majority of players does understand you very well and many feel the same! Only few would say the game principle has evolved in the right direction. I am still hooked and addicted, but sometimes I really wonder what I am doing here...

    If you have not played Witcher 3 yet, do it!! I really enjoyed that game a lot. And it's perfect during your mobile grinds LotB

    Thanks for all the discussions here and have fun - you're a free man now!
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