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    New debuffs ideas

    So, I came up with a list of possible new debuffs and I'd like to know what you guys think

    - Confusion: the opponent affected by this status has a chance to hit his own allies. Works only with offensive basic skills (not with power moves). May have a silver version with a higher chance to trigger.
    - Soul/level drain: reduces all of the enemy's stats by the equivalent of 20 levels. You can apply multiple stacks of this debuff. Enemy level can't go under lvl 1. All stat bonuses the enemy has rescale basing on his current stats. May also have a gold buff/silver debuff where the amount of stolen stats is added directly to your character (maybe having a 5% life drain every turn, cause you know, power has its own cost xD)
    - Disable talisman: negates the effect of the enemy talismans. May have a silver version and also a version that denies only the talismans stat buffs (or both the effect and stat bonuses if we want to make it really nasty)
    - Neutralize: the attacks of the enemy affected by this status no longer have any effect (they can only deal damage/heal)
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    There was a bug in the early days of the arena where you could target your allies. Nothing beats unleashing a fury move on your own team

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    Hah, I still remember when the warrior Undead Rescuer would sometimes hit his teammates after blocking damage for them if he had counter-attack, as if he thought they were the ones attacking him! Was always hilarious to see.

    As for the OP, I generally dislike the idea of adding even more status effects to the game since there are already so many to keep track of, but I absolutely love your talisman disable and neutralize ideas. They would both be extremely useful, unique, and give players of modest means a way to counter teams with primordial talismans, newer characters, and generally superior teams.
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