The FINAL part of the Night City Mega Event has just begun! Achieve milestones in the Arena for an exclusive chance of earning The Killer Beast!

The Killer Beast is a ferocious 5* Warrior capable of dealing out big damage while surviving in heavy hitting battles for the long haul. His basic attack steals beneficial effects, including golden effects inflicts damaging debuffs like Crave and Permadeath while his Fury grants damage type invulnerability to all allies for the duration of battle!

From now until March 2nd at 4 PM PT battle in the Arena for Red Shard Soul Fragments. The Red Shard Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class, and an EXCLUSIVE chance at earning The Killer Beast.

This soul also features all previously released Night City Mega Event characters, including The Killer, Magus Derby Demon, Bass Eddie, and more!

The Heir of Shards event is the FINAL Night City Mega event, and is also your LAST chance to earn Blood Soul Fragments.

Once this event ends, you will have 1 additional week to use your Blood Soul Fragments. These fragments can be used to purchase exclusive items, including debut characters and talismans, in the Specials Store until MARCH 9TH at 4PM PT.

After March 9th Blood Soul items will disappear, and Blood Soul Fragments will ONLY be good for claiming Blood Souls (which grant Sacrificial Hearts).

Earn the following rewards for getting a certain amount of wins in the Arena before the event is over:

  • Win 10 Arena battles: Iron Coins x100 + Red Shard Soul Fragments x225 + Sands of Time x30
  • Win 30 Arena battles: Iron Coins x300 + Red Shard Soul Fragments x375 + Gold x150,000
  • Win 50 Arena battles: Iron Coins x500 + Red Shard Soul Fragments x525 + Blood Soul Fragments x50
  • Win 100 Arena battles: Iron Coins x1000 + Red Shard Soul Fragments x675 + Gold x250,000
  • Win 200 Arena battles: Iron Coins x2000 + Red Shard Soul Fragments x1000 + Blood Soul Fragments x50

In addition, there are stretch goal reward tiers for every 100 wins beyond 200 (to a max of 500 wins), that gets you Legendary Soul x1 + Skill Shard x2 + Gold 500,000 for each stretch goal achieved!

You can also purchase Red Shard Souls from the store for Ironite. These are available in 1, 3 or 10 soul bundles.

Each Red Shard Soul summoned will also grant bonus rewards of 10 Killer Beast Fragments, and 5 Blood Fragments.

Collecting 750 Killer Beast Soul Fragments guarantees The Killer Beast!

As this is the FINAL Night City Mega event, it is also your LAST chance to earn Blood Soul Fragments. You can use these fragments to purchase exclusive items, including debut characters and talismans, in the Specials Store until 4PM PT MARCH 9TH 2019. You can find out more in the Night City Mega-Event thread.

To help you meet these Reward Tiers we are offering new Eternity Relics in the Specials Store which are purchasable with Gold!

Eternity Relics grant players up to a 50% increase in HP, Attack and Magic stats in the Arena for a limited time. There are two kinds: Eternity Arms (Increase Stats on your Arena Offense Team) and Eternity Armor (Increase Stats on your Arena Defense Team).

Please note: Each Eternity Relic can be purchased twice and will expire 2 weeks after they are purchased (Note: Earning additional levels of these Relics will refresh the timer!). These Relics will not increase stats in the Gauntlet.

Finally, we have a 2 new deals available in the store to help with gearing up The Killer Beast or any other Night City character you summon!
  • We have The Killer Beast Power up deals on offer! These packs provide Ironite, a bit of gold, 5★ Red XP Shards, and Skill Shards to power up a new Killer Beast!
  • We are also offering an all-class Power Up Pack that provides Ironite, Gold and 5★ Colourless XP Shards that can be used on any class of character!