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    Quote Originally Posted by Esquatcho View Post
    Ah yep, that sounds like the go I guess. I suppose ferryman and then a doom triggerer would work too. Thanks for the ideas against fortune!
    ferryman has very high chance of cleansing whatever he put on fortune users
    lower max hp is the only sure fire way in my book

    or just enough damage to annhilate

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    If you need to have particular rare characters to counter a certain team, then I would say it falls under the category of "overpowered." But with the massive amount of characters, skills, and status effects this game has it will probably never be possible to fully balance everything. But I think the best step they could take would be upgrading the old characters to be on-level with the newer characters. The "power creep" as it's apparently called has rendered more than half this game's characters completely obsolete -- even some of the really cool ones that are actually related to Maiden songs, including most Eddies!!! What's the point in a game based on Iron Maiden if the central character is only valid on a month-to-month basis?
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