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    Eternity Eddie (and his broken basic move)

    From what I've seen, it's pretty much become widespread knowledge that Eternity Eddie's basic past ability, Duelist, is objectively overpowered, as it is a basic move that guarantees an extra turn; this allows for various exploits involving fury moves that give extra turns to the team (Sekhmet and Clansman Eddie) as well as combining Beast Eddie's and Mystic Eddie's fury moves for a 1-turn kill of any PvE team (doom+trigger doom) providing you have one ally who can give Eddie an extra turn in between furies.

    I think that I have thought of a way to fix this ability without ruining it, and I'm hoping this will be implemented before NF simply removes the extra turn from Duelist, thus returning it to its former "barely usable" status.

    What I think should be done is to keep Duelist exactly as it is, but convert it into a power move that costs 4 power. It could replace his future power ability, Killer Instinct, which I think is redundant and similar to its basic counterpart, Parting Blows. Parting Blows (future basic) hits a single target and removes 2 buffs. Killer Instinct is basically an improved version, which hits all enemies and can remove immunity and disable passives (but is not guaranteed to do either). I would just assume merge these two as a basic ability that hits all enemies and: a) removes immunity from each target with a chance to disable passives; b) has a chance to remove 2 or 3 buffs from each target; c) is guaranteed to steal a single buff from each target.

    With the future power ability's space opened up, we could replace it with the infamous Duelist, costing 4 power (I think that's a reasonable amount for simply gaining revenge and charge before your next attack) and replace the past basic slot with... something else. Maybe instead of merging his 2 future abilities, Killer Instinct could be dumbed down a bit and made a basic attack, but I would rather something new be added. Eternity Eddie seems like a pretty limited character to me but has a lot of potential without requiring huge changes, so just a single new ability with some new utility might be enough to bring him up to par with the game's current meta. Anyone have any ideas?
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    i think he's allright to allow new players to beast night city
    i can clear faster with a differnt team anyways
    ai cannot do his thing because they cant play it anyways so no one's complaining

    simpliest change is for devs to do something else like teansfer negetive effects/hit
    and instead put grant revenge and charge on all hs basic skills and problem solved
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    The very simplest way would be a "lock out" feature thatd just give you an extra turn but cant be used again...but the way the games setup now probly wont allow something like that

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