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    Just had amazing fun battle in Arena

    Playing against someone called "Deadslayer".

    So with the events for winning in arena, I've been playing a lot more in the arena, normally I just do one battle a day for the daily achievements, usually in the lowest couple tiers.

    So one of the opponents was Deadslayer, and it was the most fun I've had in the arena. Normally battles are over pretty quickly, but this one lasted for what seemed like ages, like I'm sure it was more than a dozen turns.

    So my team was Benjamin Eddie, with the gunner Banshee, the Madam, and Charlotte. Their team had Piece of Mind Eddie, Aset the goddess, green soulless demon, and green Lilith.

    First couple turns, didn't look like either side was making much progress, I thought I was managing to chip away at them, but then... Piece of Mind Eddie did his fury move. And since my lot had a bunch of gold effects, and so did theirs, ka-blam! Benjamin and the Madam were down. So I was down to Charlotte and Banshee vs 4 characters. Oh dear! Banshee and Charlotte managed to take down the green demon, after being taunted, but then Banshee bought it on the next turn.

    So it was just Charlotte, who was pretty low strength. I thought it was over. But I had enough power for Charlotte's power move, which resurrected Banshee. And we hung on. Then banshee died again. But Charlotte hung on again and again, resurrecting the Madam (who also died after a turn or so) and then Banshee a couple times. Managed to take down Piece of Mind Eddie, but then they managed to resurrect the demon again. And I was back down to just Charlotte.

    Power move, and... Benjamin Eddie resurrected! I thought he must have had a permadeath effect on him, but he didn't! And by this time, my fury meter had been full for a while, as I had no characters with fury skills. And he brought back Banshee, the Madam, and then we had an advantage, and managed to wear down and defeat the opposing team after a couple more turns.

    Absolutely the best battle I've had in the game !

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    Sounds like a fun battle - I dont get them much anymore but when you do it is pretty cool. I must admit I like to finish a battle with all my dudes alive but there is some fun in playing close to the edge and been in your situation a few times where you have one guy left on the edge fo death and he makes it only to bring back another......there is fun to be had in the lower ranks and I get this side playing my kids accounts as they are a lot further down - some real fun battles in arena when you get into the 1000 or less ranks.
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