If I may make a suggestion for a future Arena overhaul...

In addition to a possible cap on the number of matches played in a single week based on which division a player is in, which has been suggested previously, Iíd like to add the following suggestions.

Base player ranking points on a more accurate system similar to the ELO system based on factors such as team strength faced. This could be calculated on the backend and include characters on offense & defense, talismans, shards etc.

Additionally, and hereís the BIG IDEA, please consider changing the ranking points gained from fighting a single Eddie defense (which players use to help each other reach event goals) to one.

Just one.

This way, the players working toward event goals can continue this unhindered, while players fighting for position (which I donít do anymore so no, I donít have any horse in this race) wonít have to contend with the current design flaw of an opponent being able to refresh their attack list for only 10 ironite and proceed to attack only single Eddie defenses, while ducking evenly matched competition to gain rank. This is commonly known as sandbagging and should not be allowed in a game of this sophistication. Even raising the cost to refresh may be a good idea depending on what other changes are implemented but this would still not stop some players with money to burn (and whatever possesses them to go for 30k points in a week) from doing it.

I believe this particular suggestion will improve the Arena experience for high level, veteran players while creating arena divisions will improve the experience for newer players with less resources.

Oh yea, and if you must, go ahead and make the top division(s) have an ironite entry cost per week in addition to a player being at a certain level to get in. This will account for revenue lost from players not being able to spend ironite on an uncapped number of refreshes.