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    Help with Night City

    I have been unable to get past Religion of Hatred on normal (I know, how can I be so far behind on this?)

    I didn't have a very full roster until the recent sacrifice event after being away from the game for a long time so when Night City came out I could only get this far and then I kept getting wiped.

    I would like some advise on what toons/talismans I should be using for this level and for Night City in general.

    I don't have a lot of high end talisman sets so I may have a tougher time than I should.

    Any help/advice is greatly appreciated

    In game name is farseer-6804

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natasmai View Post
    there are posts already out there on this, but the basic team you need is prisoner, assassin demon spawn, and iron eddie

    Prisoner disables any immunity passives, demon spawn craves, iron eddie attacks with basic future (I think?) move and stuns all who have crave.... you take all the turns, they die.

    there are other ways too, but this was the easiest/quickest.

    Another way would be the cheesy sehkmet take another turn fury move plus eternity eddie to build fury, rinse and repeat. 3rd ally can be anything really... Killer Prime is excellent as the 3rd though.

    See this post:

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    Faeseer, using horus to stun and prisoner to disable passive you can get through most of night city. If you can get nightmare talisman for either DDD or Phantom Eddie you should be good to go.

    You could also you IE and assassin demon spawn to permastun your opponents.

    Those are 2 popular teams to defeat night city.
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