Lets face it, we all realise that the rewards compared to the effort for the arena are now out of whack. So the question is, what tweaking needs doing?

For mine, I think Warlord level 3 should be Rank 1000. To get to 250 these days pretty much requires a team that is consistently able to win at the top level, meaning one of FFE or assassin banshee etc. The game between Duelist 1 and the warlord levels are too close.

Alternatively, maybe there needs to be another set of levels thrown in between 250 and 1k?

Otherwise, rewards should be increased. I mean for the effort to get to Warlord, you get an extra 20 ironite, 5 eternity frags and, hold yourselves, a rare soul!!! Game inflation has really made it hardly worthwhile.

To be honest, I have realised this trying to hit warlord for the 1st time. I spend a huge amount of time grinding the arena and probably wont quite make it. But I kinda realised that compared to the usual, very minimal effort, the reward improvement is pretty much nothing!

What else needs to be changed in the arena rewards?