I've been wanting to post this for a long time now, but since I thought this MUST be a broken mechanic I decided to give the dev team a heads up and try to change this. Since I did not get a reply, I'm pretty sure this has to be intended... Although it's game breaking and will make your game too easy.

There is one character that is always overlooked, I don't know why... He's great since the first moment you get it... It's a 4*, that's true, but most of my allies have him and never gave him a chance.

There's a broken mechanic in the game called Accuracy, this is basically the chance you have at triggering an ability, being Blind, Frozen, Extra Turns and a huge etcetera.
Most talisman abilities have a 35% chance to trigger by themselves, but using one of two characters you can take that to a 70%. I'm pretty sure you already know who I'm talking about, the Warrior Axis Bomber Boy and the Assassin Troll.

I've been using a team for more than a week now, this team can farm the most difficult Dungeons without any problems. And using the same tactic over and over again. It's so boring that it's actually scripted, if you perfom the same moves over and over you will defeat the boss regardless of his class.
My team consists of Soldier Eddie, Red Angel, Alliance General and the Axis Bomber Boy.

Thanks to this Accuracy buff the Alliance General has a 100% chance to steal power or fury every time he attacks, so when you get to the boss he has no fury or power to perform abilities... Literally, no fury or power.
I paired him with Alliance General and he stuns everyone... every time. I don't think the ability ever reaches 100% with the Bomber Boys passive but still.... 90% of stuning everyone seems pretty OP to me.

I will post the chances or triggering an ability when getting the accuracy buff so you can better understand what I'm talking about...

Alliance General 100% chance to steal power and fury
Soldier Eddie 65% chance of getting an extra turn after using Roar (I got 15 turns in a row once)
Sentinel Soulless Demon 75% chance to taunt all enemies
Warrior/Assassin Soulless Demon 75% chance of getting invincibility after attacking
Assassin Axis Soldier/Gunner Undead Soldier 45% chance to give the entire party and extra turn. This is too OP, remember those levels where your enemies seem to take infinite turns, now you can do it too.
Sentinel Angel/Warrior Angel 55% chance to stun with every hit (They hit 3 times per attack)
ETC ETC ETC ETC... Every character in the game that has a chance at triggering and ability becomes OP in its own... and if he does not have and ability you can always add....

Talismans. Just this 2...

Blind 70% to blind
Freezing 70% to freeze

As off the last update this can be used in AoEs.... So this happens
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As I said before, I've been playing this team for over a week, and it made the game so stupidly easy that in fact I'm bored. I don't know if I'm going to keep playing anymore.

I basically broke the game. And I'm helping you to break it too :P

To all my allies, you can try mine.