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    Question Wording of the server maintanance messages

    This may be a nitpick but recently, I’ve been finding these maintanance messages to be rather frustrating. The reason is that they just flat out lie to the player. One claims that the fix will take ”about an hour” while the other one says that ”it won’t take long”. Well, I call bs on that cause, maybe I’m crazy, but my definition of ”not long” is DEFINITELY not 14 hours! Bottom line, I think that these messages should be reworded to properly convey information.

    Maybe this whole maintenance thing has to do with where I live or sth else but it’s still agitating.
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    Take heart; if you were nitpicking at the time you posted this, you sure as hell aren't anymore! After the last update where the developer stated that the number of fragments needed to claim souls would be "adjusted," it took several players asking exactly what that meant before he admitted that it would take more fragments to claim souls, and even more questions for him to cough up a list of which souls would be effected. Add this to the fact that the announcement was made just a day or 2 before the update was made, and it's a pretty clear effort to mislead players and prevent us from being able to prepare for changes to our currency/resources.

    Personally, I'm not really bothered by rare/legendary souls being harder to acquire, but I have a real (and valid) problem with the way they withheld the information while pretending to be up-front about it. Shenanigans like that are the main reason I never have and never will spend money on this game.
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