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    New event idea: event free month!

    I know that the chances of this actually happening are low but it would be great if we got one month with no events for once. This would benefit both the players and the devs. Firstly, us players could put some more focus on doing things that the overwhelming events tend to stop us from doing (improving characters, gathering talismans, saving up gold/ironite etc). The devs on the other hand could use that time to work on fixing some of the many bugs the game is suffering from, improving the experience. Overall, it'd be a win-win for both sides and could make the game better in the end.
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    I just started playing again December last year so I don't know when LotB entered this state of perpetual events, but it really makes the "events" feel trivial. Plus all the other reasons you stated.

    Also, congratulations on Doomsday Eddie!
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