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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzleloader View Post
    Blade, now you must give them a little more credit. They will wait until we have to sell or use or resources just to make space for the lone cosmic rune evos. Then they can adjust the value of the runes we have left.
    You are right, how could I forget that?
    Also I think that runes and shards are by far easier to get nowadays, so that the drops should be decreased, while the leveling and evolving should be much more expensive and double the amount should be needed, while selling these should give much less gold!! This is called adjustments.

    Sarcasm is the only thing we have left in these times.
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    March 1st 2019 - NEVER FORGET! They stole 50% of our rare soul frags, 11% mythical frags, 60% legendary frags and 66% of rare class specific frags! Plus doubled gold price for summoning souls without a notice!

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