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    Soul Packages for purchase in store....

    If you want to rake us over the coals by doubling the cost to use a soul in the book, the least you could do is increase the gold compensation by the same amount in your soul packs.

    As an example, if you purchase the current dynasty mega-pack, you get 10 souls which each cost 24,000 gold to use or 240,000 gold in total. However, you only get 120,000 gold with the purchase. Obviously, the idea originally was for you to get the souls and the gold cost in one package, but since you bent us over dry and doubled the usage cost, you should also double the compensation in these packs, no?

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    I feel that our pleas will fall on deaf ears. It looks to me like 2019 will see a lot of changes as the model moves on - the way things have gone since January shows us the road we are on with this game and it does not look like it will get any better as the devs are saying nothing about complaints and concerns. Gold will be the hot ticket item for many over the coming months. We are now needing to power up way more characters and talisman than ever before yet gold loot is way below the level of game inflation we are seing across everything else. They are saying nothing on this wave of change so I cant see it being changed in out favour as the game model now moves to make money after the big uptake drive of the LOTB tour and related merch and adverts and increase across faebook and the like (though I am not seing as many adverts if any for LOTB on Facebook these days).

    I think the major player numbers drive is over and we are now into the phase where they establish the model for the game to keep on going and make money as opposed to cost money - which I am sure it has at times.......really must see about the company accounts being online though I am sure the change to the new company will have muddied the waters a bit!
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