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Thread: Farewell.

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    Not gonna lie I've been playing this game for 2 years I've seen some ups and downs. Everyone who knows me knows that I tend to try as hard as I can to stay positive and the only time I ever left this game was during the Ninja Girl events. I've seen people come and go over time and I've always stayed simply because I want to be on top of the game when the new content comes out.

    Ever since the update came out I've been really debating whether or not I should quit for good as well. I stopped paying this game when the Killer came out. I decided that spending over $150 for one exclusive character is not how I wanted to spend my money. First thing for me was the Ferryman event, that event completely broke me. I didn't even get the Ferryman. The Saints Heart event restored my faith in a way, it helped me get the last couple characters I didn't have. But then the devs decided to stick their noses into our gold budgets and since then the game has gone into a nosedive. More exclusive characters, less chances to get them for free. More broken Talismans and characters and not enough attention paid to the old ones. I mean does ANYBODY ever use the Prisoners power move?

    I will give this game until the end of the month before I make my decision to stay or leave.

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    Goodbye Waffen, it sure sucks to see another loyal trooper go....

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    Farewell my loyal trooper
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waffen View Post
    Hello troopers and fellow players. I am not good at farewells lol but I just want to say thank you to everyone that has been great over the past several month and helped me through the game.

    My special thanks to Deathbat, who has been very supportive and jumped at the opportunity to help a fellow trooper.

    I have enjoyed this game a lot and for that I do want to take a minute and thank the devs for all the awesome work they have put in. Though I also showed my appreciation to them by spending a lot of money on this game than I normally would on mobile games.

    But the March 1st update just made me take a U-Turn. I started getting frustrated about this game and all the major bugs that used to seem small started to look bigger than ever. I used to play this game to have fun But lately that has not been the case and I donít see a point to keep going this way.

    You can drop me as a trooper as I donít think I will be returning to this game.
    Anyways, thatís that and I wish everyone best of luck and bid farewell. Up the irons \m/

    Update: I spent the last hour sacrificing and selling all my talismans and fun fact, I got 130mil out of it and I can now get ramessess Eddie lol.

    But on a serious note, it was heartbreaking to sacrifice all my hard earned Eddie collection.
    I somehow missed this originally. Had to remove you as a trooper today. Pretty sad

    I only hope like many of us, you come back in a year or so and find that enjoyment again

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    Sad to see you leaving Waffen, no doubt you was a great trooper and a great contributor to this forum.

    Good luck in real life, and farewell.

    Feel like i've been here before


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