I was stopped last in SS with the following foes. This gauntlet, I drew this team on my first SS, and I was hoping to at least to get to collect 1.2 million gold.
The team is:
Killer Prime Sentinel
Final Frontier Eddie

I have most characters and Eddies and a good collection of Talisman (except Primordial). I don't have The Prisoner, Killer Prime, Beast, FFE or Charlotte.
I have used a number of my strongest characters, fully sharded, Gods, etc. I have been completely knocked out within the first round and have been lucky to even straggle into the 2nd round.
I know that others in SS must have experienced this team. Is there any hope against this team without a Prisoner.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I have not yet been so stumped by a team like this.
Since I've been wiped out so quickly, I don't even know where to start, although I'm thinking I should take out Charlotte first if I live past the first round (because that revive is annoying).