Hello everyone,

Thank you for all your feedback and the bug reports you have submitted so far regarding yesterday's release. Please know that our team is aware of the bug with Arena Defenses setting one Eddie. Thankfully this seems to be mainly a visual issue. The actual defense team will not be set to one unit if you set a team and then leave the screen. Only upon returning will your previously set team be replaced by the single Eddie. We are working towards a solution for this and will update you when that fix is available.

We are also investigating the Inventory management issue that was introduced with the last update and are looking to fix it in a subsequent client release.

Finally, we recently pushed a server that fixed a bug that involved matches not counting towards the Hell and Fire Dungeon event. Event challenges for this event are once again calculating normally.

If you hit a Hell and Fire Dungeon event challenge, and did not receive your rewards, please contact our support team via email at support@ironmaidenlegacy.com. They will assist you as soon as they can.