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    Quote Originally Posted by kgk56 View Post
    Sadly He is OP
    After some fights against him in the top teams I must revise my initial assessment, unfortunately! You are right, kgk. In the right combo he is ridiculously overpowered. Combined for all my 4 characters he just did >1.2 mio damage to my team. This is completely out of line and should be fixed!
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    My first fight in the second SSS level of Gauntlet is NotB Eddie with Assassin Banshee, Prisoner, and KP..... Eddie plus KP wipes out my entire team on their own before I get a turn, multiple teams. Im done at 62 wins again this week. But yes, his damage output is insane. I wish I had the opportunity to at least see what talisman they are using on him.... but of course that is not allowed until your turn.

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