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    return the game in a good path

    Hello Trooper and Maiden fan.

    I would like to held the game to stay in the good path again.
    I saw in the last few month it is very difficult to obtain some news characters without Credit card.
    I would like to share with you my own experience.

    Today there is a new dungeon to obtain one of the mythic Eddie Number of the beast.
    If we will do all the challenge I will obtain 10 Hellfire Soul Maximum and I will obtain 100 points for Eddie Number of the beast.
    The Hellfire Soul have got 1.39% of probability to receive 5 stars.
    When you had got the chance to receive one of the 5 stars there is 31 characters of 5 stars so to receive the Eddie Number of the Beast is 1/31 = 3.125% and there is a new chance of 30% to receive it.
    So, the probability to receive the Eddie number of the beast with one Hellfire soul If you have got the 5 Stars probability with all bonus, it will be 0.06 % less than 1% to receive Eddie Number of the beast so close to nothing.
    Maybe I did a mistake of my probability to obtain the new Eddie?
    And the other hand, it will not possible to have got 75 Hellfire Soul without Credit card so it is impossible to receive the new Eddie.

    If I will use Credit card and I would like to have got the new Eddie, I must buy 6800 Ironite so I will pay 197.87 €uros. It is not nothing

    I do not know if Iron Maiden would like to see his game is a pay to win game or to be a fun game for Iron Maiden's fan.
    Now I would like to write it will be a good time to stop to pay to win for New character.

    I propose a solution is: everyone to stop to buy some Ironite and may be by the way, We will give an opportunity to Nodding Frog to chance the way of thinking create a new event to not have more money but to give to everyone a real opportunity to win some new Eddie or ally without Credit card.

    This is my view I hope I am not the only to think like this.

    I love the game, but I didn’t like the evolution to pay to win.

    Long live of Iron Maiden.

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    It may not only pay to win. It is pay to collect toons that may or may not be worth more than a dust collector outside of gauntlet play. If you want to be in the top end of arena you have to have spent time to acquire the needed toon/talisman, time invested in playing all the battles and invest in SoW refills or earned them in an event.

    Without buying SoW refills you need to decide between being in top of arena or gauntlet or being mediocre in both.

    I know that this is only a game to pass some time as entertainment. It is becoming quit the time and money sink where in the end it is only a mobile phone game. At least for now I have gave up hope that the game can become fun again. If the game dynamics change i may return and try and catch up.
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    The gambling style tactics are getting old. One day just like every game.lotb will go belly up. What will our investments be worth when that happens? 197 for 1 char is not pay to play its rape

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    They’re going to change the way Arena works now wipp. Thank you.

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