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Thread: Musashi

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    Just picked up Musashi and was wondering thoughts on talisman and pairings for him. Can equip any set so I guess lots of choices. Thanks all

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    Pretty much anything really use your imagination lol. Musashi is really cool that way. Personally ive had the most success with echo talismans because hit em once, remove defenses and apply debuffs, 2nd hits like a truck (or remove all effects on 2 different enemies instead). You can add warlord to that for even more turns and offensive power (though I prefer advantage or something so he doesnt die easily).

    Avenger plus counter strike is a fun one if the enemy cant emove effects easily.

    6 sets are great on him, you can use any of them of course.

    Really gimmicky but shadow talis plus advantage makes him really strong the 2nd turn cause perfect hit. Usually doesnt work out tho.

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