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    While I myself am a huge Bruce Dickinson fan, and would argue that since he joined the band it just can not be Maiden without him, Id argue there would be no Maiden without the first two albums. Those two albums alone were the ground stones for what we have today. I have worn the shit out of those first two releases, in vinyl, cassette, and CD. Id go as far to say I am probably wearing out the digital recordings! Lol!

    And whoever said DiAnno vocals were terrible needs to quit smoking that glass pipe. Goddamn crackheads. *shakes head in disbelief*

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    I know that alot of people dont like the blaze era. The lyrics are not exactly up to the same caliber as previous albums. The music itself is still interesting, what most people dont note is that Adrian was also missing which also contributed to a different sound. The complimentary sound of Dave and Adrian make the guitar sound of Maiden. Clive was also a great drummer for the early Maiden sound. Just listen to Beast over Hammersmith to hear what potential they were showing.
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    Di'anno worked really well on the first two albums - there was a big step up for him on Killers too as that is by far the better album, particularly on the production from Martin Birch and the song quality side of it. I still love both albums and they made Maiden who they went on to be. Bruce just lifted them up a league as Adrian had started to do on Killers. NotB is a brilliant album - stillwith shades of the Killers style but just elevated as Bruce could go up and down the scales and really bely out the higher end stuff - Paul could not do this and he was just not right for where the band wanted to go. I still think to this day that had Paul stayed Maiden would not hit the hieghts the did from Number onwards - he would hav elimited the style and breadth of the music they were starting to make.

    Number lifted them into the a league and left most of their contemporaries behind. But for me Piece of Mind (Clive was a great drummer, no doubt about it - but again Nicko was a change in style and attack - for me a better drummer too for Maiden and where they wanted to go.....the opening to Piece of Mind should be enough to convince anyone of his skills) and then Powerslave cemented their greatness - Number is a great album but for me not as good as Piece of Mind and Powerslave. To me more because Number was still that older Killers style in many ways but with a better singer with more range...and better songs of many utter classics on it!

    Maiden went on and expanded their sound with what followed though I still thing No Prayer and Fear of the Dark sit in the shadow of what went before then they too are still full of good songs.

    I barely listen to the Blaze era - there are some really good songs and the music is mostly very good to - I just always struggled with Blaze - his writing was not great and not suited to Maiden. His voice even less so in my opinion. I loved him in Wolfsbane and saw them several times live - great band and a great live show, no doubt about it. He is also a really nice bloke as a met him at gigs once or twice and he was cool and not a dick at all. I just remember hearing he was taking on vocals and going 'really, Blaze, that cant be right'! I was never sure who would be better but I had thought more of the Michael Kiske style for example - not him but someone like him.

    I was the same when Janick came in - never really got that either though I do actually like him - Ade and Davey are the main guys and always will be for me - Janick can write a good tune for sure and live, well he adds something different!

    I always hoped in my youth that Brice would re do the albums - it will never happen of course but I always wanted it to happen - maybe take the best of both Blaze albums and do them again.
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