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    Arena - FFE Hallowed Bones

    There's something wrong with Final Frontier Eddie's hallowed bones. This is happening with a certain frequency, and I wonder if anyone else is noticing this, or I am very wrong and seeing things.

    Sometimes when I use this mentioned ability, the enemy, without any kind of healing or shield (such as a Benjamin Breeg eddie alone on defense, or a Primordial Prisoner, for example, several others as well), gets hit by hallowed bones, I see the damage of 160000 +/-, and the opponent's life bar simply does not change.

    I only noticed this with the FFE and specifically with the Hallowed Bones ability, it looks like it is healing the opponent either, or simply the damage is not being counted.

    Is anyone else going through this problem with Final Fronteir Eddie?

    Unfortunately I still can not take a screenshot of the situation, because it is not always that happens and is very fast (the damage appears, and the life bar does not change), but if I can, I'll post it here.

    Thank you.
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