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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzleloader View Post
    Inishmore, do you have steel talisman. They give one invincibility per wave with no effort.

    With toons that only give a low percentage of giving a buff, pair them with someone who can use future talisman or a marksman passive. Either will increase the chance for the buffs to he applied. That may speed things up a bit.
    Yeah, that is the way I went with my kids account. Use steel on a couple of characters and it is quick. I had to use a several SoT runs to do it for them but it worked pretty quickly. I also did some manual runs to finish it off quicker. They both had Assassin Anubis so running him was a big help too as was using future talisman on the spare character to get some of the other stuff. Bass Eddie was the real winner though as he was used on all team I played.
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    Sure wish this event had a sacred crown

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    I was stuck with Magic Up left... threw in S Pyro, ran a few rounds of Circle of Fire (Underworld madness) and it was done quick - 4 MAG Up every battle.

    Alchemy is da bomb for Invincibility.. steel is good too... though, just a little slower.
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