Some thoughts for the recent discussion:
- interesting to see those 2 now in the FC shop; I expected them to be in heroics somewhen -> question: what will be the plan for the special-no-fury-Eddies?
- the FC price is heavy and I see no reasonable balance between those 2, the Beast and Alexander (but this is also true for many other characters there)
- never buy random things that you can get by other means for FC, better save up for exclusive characters and Talis
- don't spend money (in general ) and especially not for things like FC that accumulate anyway (I am at >7k atm + about 3.5k indirectly in form of unopened souls)
- KP is a very good allrounder (pvp&farming) and as he has so many benefits (stats, talis colors & passive), I don't see him become useless quickly
- ferryman is nasty. Teams that are not prepared have no chance. The other way round he is taken down very easily, especially if you can disable his passive
- hex talis seem to be made exactly for him, but only if fights take long. If you equip him for damage only, he is taken down ultra quick if the passive is disabled -> so you need to decide for what part of the game you want to use him
- both show up in pvp very often (especially KP), so we have already came up with stategies against them. Hence, I see no real problem if they show up even more. This is a lot different of course in the lower ranks, but I think it is ok to give someone there an advantage if he/she had a good resource management sofar so that he/she can afford KP and/or Ferryman