Doom is the way I go with Ferryman too. My usual attack team has Alchy in it so I use him - he was pretty much always been in my team these days though I do change it up a bit depending on what i face. I need to level up some of the newer talisman and give them a try I think as my attack team (I use three) have not changed in a long time though I do mucj about with them when I can be bothered.

My ferryman ( I use him in one team) doesn't use immunity (he has sustain usually) as that team also has Alchy in it so he clears things up each turn.

Alchy is a great character at the moment for me when doing Arena and I think as I am less bothered about getting losses in Arena it is a bit more fun than it was as I much about with different things and just shrug my shoulers and move on when I am owned. I maybe need to start thinking things through a bit more though! Too lazy most of the time.