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Thread: 7 deadly gifts

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    7 deadly gifts

    so I'm changing talisman to play the gauntlet... once i'm done (which takes a lifetime) i press the back button and I get this old banner 7 Deadly Gifts, and nothing happens whatever you do and the only solution is to restart the game. and it's super annoying cause the problem is you have to rearrange the talisman again. and this thing takes so much time!
    I noticed this thing happened on my nephew as well, different phone.
    this has been going on for over 2 weeks...Name:  7.jpg
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    others have said if you get this, uninstall the game and download the new full version from your app store and install fresh.

    I have seen that pop up once or twice, but it is only once and then it goes away and doesnt return for weeks.

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