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    I was running 2 sets of paralysis to make his basic stun Horus level, but it didn't work. There was an old post that says the effect will stack, but in practice, I didn't notice any increase.

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    Any combo without warlord in FFE is doing it very very wrong, just look at future basic and imagine the sort of bull shit u can pull with it.
    Get hit by a bunch of negative effects, use future basic, heal a lot and get extra turn, and a bunch of offensive buffs, proceed to destroy enemy team.

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    When attacking, I equip my Ferryman with Nightmare and Mark. He is awesome.
    I tried to avoid Prisoner's passive by using Shadow talismans but Ferry loses HP even with vanish active. A really bad bug.
    I think Warlord is not worthy on him as he can't heal (at least mine)

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