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Thread: Disco bug...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ip4 View Post
    watch out for user Thessa in PVP he use single "santa eddie" as defence,its always disko of oldest and not possible to fix bugs...
    that shit bug again?
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    New loop perhaps... I have seen the talk about Raven Witch getting extra goes when the defence has trooper Talisman.
    But this is ridiculous, every go seems to take 10 to 15 seconds and Raven Witch gets endless goes because she has silence on her she can’t use her fury and the power count is too low to let her have an alternative power turn so she just continually uses her normal turn and it forms a loop that cannot be broken.. Another bug for the Devs to look into..

    I know you guys and girls are kept busy there but perhaps a minor change to the way Raven Witch works would do the trick?
    Now the play button needs to be pressed at the top of the screen too when it’s the defences turn otherwise they all just stand there and look at one another.
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    Just had the disco bug error again (vs ipheylan). Seems to come up at such random times.
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