Game Update - April 24th, 2019
A server update to help continue to refine and improve the Legacy of the Beast experience.

Book of Souls Changes

New characters added to the Book of Souls character pool:

  • The Killer ( 5★ Assassin)
    The Killer strikes terror into the heart of his enemies by inflicting Fear on his opponents every turn! This 5⭐ Assassin further devastates teams by removing immunity effects, and destroying their Max HP.

  • The Killer Beast (5★ Warrior)
    The Killer Beast is a ferocious 5⭐ Warrior capable of dealing out big damage while surviving in heavy hitting battles for the long haul. His basic attack steals beneficial effects, including golden effects, inflicts damaging negative effects like Crave and Permadeath while his Fury grants damage type invulnerability to all allies for the duration of battle!

  • Trickster (4* Gunner)
    Capable of stealing beneficial effects from random enemies at the start of battle and granting Physical Reflect shields to allies , the Gunner Trickster becomes a menace to teams that like to stack effects.

Tuning Changes
See full details in our most recent tuning post

New Eddie Incoming!
Last month we received numerous positive comments and feedback from players regarding the release of the Cosmic Companion Pack which featured Sirius, the Cosmic Wolf. In light of this, we have crafted a new guaranteed character pack featuring an all-new Eddie that will launch later this evening!

Check out the newsfeed in a few hours for full pack details!